Additional Magnets for Insect Fly Screen

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Additional Magnets for Fly screens (fly screen not included - sold separately)

Our strong VanEssa magnets with knobs are ideal for the fixing of a fly screen for ventilation of your vehicle. We offer the appropriate fly screen for almost every Van and Minivan. After a few seconds your vehicle is ventilated mosquito-safely. Depending on the outside temperature you can open the window fully or just in part. During the day you can store the magnets and fly screen space-savingly. Of course you can also use the magnets for other somewhere else like for the attachment of a darkening system inside of the vehicle (if there is no interior lining available) or for a quick sight protection on your boot lid. The pot magnet is framed by steel. By means of the handy knobs the magnets can simply and quickly be attached to or removed from the car metal.

Please note: The magnets are very strong, thus they should not be placed directly onto the steel (risk of scratches). Always put an intermediate layer in between (fabric, fly screen, foil, etc.).


material: pot magnet (nickel-plated), framed by steel, with knob (plastic) measurements: Ø20 mm, height 19 mm (height of pot magnet 6 mm) weight: 16 g per magnet adhesive force: about 9 kg Minimum order quantity in case of shipping: 5 units