Amarok Kitchen System with Fridge

Amarok Kitchen System with Fridge

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Includes Fridge - choose between Engel or Dometic 35 Litre

Transform your everyday ute into a mobile camper in only a few minutes.

Perfect for when you go hiking, trekking or biking - you'll be hungry after all that activity. The mobile kitchen in your ute makes it easy to prepare some food or have some cold drinks in the fridge ready to go.   

The VanEssa kitchen system includes everything you need in a kitchen:
sink, cooker, room for a fridge and lots of storage space for crockery, cutlery and food supplies.

The kitchen is delivered completely assembled, you just have to put it into your ute and you are ready to go.

12 kg (plus fridge weight)

poplar plywood with CPL-coating


Sink drawer:

  • two washing-up bowls included in delivery
  • pumping system with 2 water tanks (ready for plug-in; working with power supply from car battery)
  • 30kg weight limit soft-close drawer 
  • drawer equipped with automatic return stop
  • possibility to store washing-up utensils (washing-up liquid, sponge, etc.) or a shower tap below the removable washing-up bowl 


Cooker drawer:

  • equipped with a portable gas stove 
  • 30kg weight limit soft-close drawer
  • drawer equipped with double return stop
  • wind break for gas stove
  • if desired available with grill top

1 storage drawer:

  • storage room for food, pots, pans, crockery, etc.
  • 40 kg softclose drawer
  • drawer equipped with manual return stop on the side
  • including anti slipping mats

Note - does not include the slider. Slider required