Multivan T5/T6 Kitchen System incl Waeco CF-35

Multivan T5/T6 Kitchen System incl Waeco CF-35

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The world’s best Lift-In / Lift-Out Flexible & Modular Camping System

Designed specifically for the T5/T6 Multivan Rail system

Transform your everyday van into a mobile camper. The reconstruction only takes a couple of minutes.

Regardless of whether you go hiking, trekking or biking - you´ll get hungry right after your outdoor experience. The mobile kitchen in your van makes you completely independent from the next petrol station, restaurant, etc.

The VanEssa kitchen system includes everything that a kitchen needs:

sink, cooker, room for a cool box and lots of storage space for crockery, cutlery and food supplies.

With the VanEssa kitchen module you are a self-supporter whilst travelling.

You can use the VanEssa kitchen in a comfortable standing position protected by the boot lid or vestibule tent. Food odours stay outside your van. You can store your luggage on top of the kitchen which can still be used without limitations.

Due to the low construction of the kitchen, it is also an extension to bed surface. This way you can create a large bed for two persons. At 530mm high, it perfectly matches the rear bench seat height.

OPTIONAL is the Dometic Waeco 35 Litre Fridge that is the perfect fit for each and every kitchen system at only 385mm high. 

The kitchen is delivered completely assembled, you just have to put it into your van and you are free to go.


Our mobile VanEssa kitchen system is being pushed into the boot of the vehicle and affixed to the original fixation points.

Mounting material and accessories like two washing-up bowls, anti-slip mats for the drawers, cutlery bin, wind break and two gas cartridges are included in delivery.


length 120,5 cm, depth 58,5 cm, height 53 cm  (56cm in combination with bed for sportsmen, surfer or single seats bed - note these are special orders)


59 kg before fitting fridge.


poplar plywood with CPL-coating

Standard decor:

silver-grey (mini-pearl surface)

Further decors:

anthracite, wood design "swiss" (please select in dropdown)

Rinsing drawer:

  • two washing-up bowls included in delivery
  • pumping system with 16 ltr. water tank (ready for plug-in; working with power supply from car battery)
  • 30 kg softclose drawer (sink can still be used when luggage is stored on top of the kitchen)
  • drawer equipped with automatic return stop
  • possibility to store washing-up utensils (washing-up liquid, sponge, etc.) or a showering top below the removable washing-up bowl

Cutlery drawer:

  • storage room for cutlery, spices, etc. (cutlery organiser is included)

Cooker drawer:

  • equipped with  portable gas stove (removable; no gas acceptance test required) 
  • 30kg soft-close drawer
  • drawer equipped with double return stop
  • wind break for "Bright Spark" stove
  • if desired available with grilling top (accessory)

Refrigerator drawer:

  • prepared for "WAECO CoolFreeze 35 Litre" compressor cool box
  • drawer equipped with automatic return stop

2 storage drawers:

  • storage room for food, pots, pans, crockery, etc.
  • 40 kg softclose drawers
  • drawers equipped with manual return stop on the side
  • including anti slipping mats
  • BONUS - included VanEssa Mobilcamping Frypan by IKEA®
  • BONUS - VanEssa top draw chopping board