ThermoMats for Caddy - Complete Set

ThermoMats for Caddy - Complete Set

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ThermoMats for Caddy - Complete Set

  • 9 layer reflective
  • The multilayered thermo-mats darken the interior cabin of your van offering privacy and insulation both in summer and in winter.
  • Each darkening mat is tailored to the shape of the corresponding car window.
  • The multilayered mats are coated with fabric inside and have an intelligent reflective layer (silver) outside.
  • The mats can be affixed to the windows with vacuum cups.
  • multilayer-mats with thermal, intelligent and reflecting outer layer top quality 9-layered model tailored to each car window fixation with vacuum cups with rings (included in delivery, rings have to be attached to the vacuum cups by yourself)

Variant / Available options:
  • Caddy Complete set - front, back and side windows

Important information: There is no darkening system available for Caddy with folding doors.