About Us

You live, walk and drive to a different drumbeat.

Not everyone drives a Kombi. But for those who do, we share that special feeling of freedom when the wheels roll.

Many of us enjoyed the T2 Bay Window VW Kombis, or perhaps even a T3 (4WD Syncro if the budget could stretch), and some might even have enjoyed the now historic first generation T1.

And nothing beats cruising the highway and selecting your own special location on the coast, or a secluded hideaway in the bush.  

A new Generation for a New Generation

It is time to modernise.

VanEssa Mobilcamping Australia is introduced from Germany to Australia by seasoned VW Kombi enthusiasts with a passion to see the Kombi Life 'Live On' into new generations of Australians with newer generations of Kombis. 

Our first step is to launch our foundation everyday, weekend and camping products specifically designed for the VW T5 and T6 Multivan & Transporter. Following will be products for other VWs, including the VW Caddy and VW Amarok.

Made in Germany. Now discovering Australia. 

Our innovative camping systems are designed by master joiner Hubert Vollert of VanEssa Mobilcamping, in Bavaria, Germany. With a love of the Kombi Life, Hubert designed a one-off set of cabinets for his van. Following persistent requests from the first campsite visited on the first holiday with the cabinets, Hubert agreed to make more examples. Now almost 10 years later and with almost 10,000 sets sold in Germany,  VanEssa Mobilcamping is pleased to make the  system available to the Australian market with full factory support from February 2017.  New Zealand market to follow in 2018.


VanEssa Mobilcamping Australia was born from a passion to both modernise the VW Kombi experience that Australians extensively know, as well as help regular Australian families get out there and enjoy life away from computers and hand-held devices in a comfortable and reliable way. 

Ultra-high quality Made In Germany products will form the foundation for VanEssa Mobilcamping Australia.

We believe that your VW Multivan or VW Transporter or your VW Caddy should be able be used effectively 7-days per week and for holidays.


VanEssa Mobilcamping Products are specifically designed for the VW T5 & VW T6 Multivan and Transporters, as well as the VW Caddy. Camping in a modern VW

As enjoyable and as good as the T3 is, we also want to enjoy a modern, comfortable daily driver that we can also easily use on weekends to the beach or the snow, and for holidays. 

We hope you will join us on the journey and become friends in the Kombi Life. If you like what you see, we'd love a Like on our Facebook page too :)

 I would rather own little & see the world, than own the world and see little of it.” — Anon.