How it works

We have assembled a number of videos covering how the VanEssa Mobilcamping rear kitchen pods, fridge, cooker, sinks, interior modules and packbags work below.

The VanEssa mobilcamping system is thoroughly thought out following many years of Campervan 'VanLife experience.


Take a moment to observe the convenience of the Lift-In/Lift-Out modular camping system.

Installation of the rear kitchen


The VanEssa mobilcamping system is fully modular.

It takes around 10 minutes to fit your rear kitchen module if you are on your own, or around 5 minutes when with a friend or using the optional trolley. 


PLUG AND PLAYPlug and Play

Once your Rear Kitchen is installed, simply insert the 12V plug into the rear 12V permanent power socket.




“This impressive product is manufactured in Bavaria and imported by Australian distributor Mark Kofahl who I met recently at a service stop near Port Macquarie and armed with only a smartphone, I decided to help Mark share the good word about his amazing products and this impromptu walk-through / product overview is the result. ” — Paddy McCann, RV Family



Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo Activity Rear Kitchen Installation Procedure.