ARCO Kitchen Module for Multivan with Double Bed Extension, Kitchen, Fridge and Mattress

ARCO Kitchen Module for Multivan with Double Bed Extension, Kitchen, Fridge and Mattress

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  • Double bed extension (single bed folds out into double bed) - this creates a tunnel under the bed for storage.  If it is folded up, you can load taller items such as bicycles.
  • Two Single Deluxe Comfort Mattresses
  • VanEssa Mobilcamping Kitchen Module on a slide out with Dometic 26 litre Fridge (or Freezer) 10 °C to –18 °C (normal use)
  • VanEssa Mobilcamping Kitchen Module includes a sink for washing up and a water tank with pump for water

The ARCO System represents a significant new highlight from Vanessa Mobilcamping for all those who love sport.  The ARCO system retains all of the features of the traditional VanEssa Kitchen Systems, yet creates significant storage room within the van for valuable, bulky or long sporting equipment such as bikes, skis, boards and so on.

The revolutionary new ARCO System opens opportunities to enjoy this great country of ours like never before.  No longer is storing valuable or long sporting equipment a concern.  Featuring a full length storage facility along one side, long items such as bikes, skis or boards can be stored along the side of the slide out kitchen.

The new pull-out kitchen mounts directly to the Multivan rail system, and despite it's compact dimensions, retains all the features we have come to expect from Vanessa Mobilcamping.

Delivered as standard with a generous single bed, a perfect night's sleep is waiting after an active day on the bike or board.

    We developed the Arco product line specially for our sport addicts with high demand for storage and flexibility.  Bulky and long items like surf, kite or winter sports equipment now has a storage place.

    The module including the heavy load drawer is placed one-side of the boot.

    As with other VanEssa Kitchen Modules, you will find a cooker with wind break, two washing-up bowls, a cutlery tray and storage drawers inside the kitchen. 

    The ARCO system fits for vehicles without back seats or with single seats.

    Suitable for:
    - Volkswagen T5/T6 all models (for Transporter and Caravelle a floor plate is needed for mounting)


    tunnel with heavy load drawer: width 60 cm, height 56 cm - Length = 116cm along base / 100cm along top (tapered to account for rear seat backrest angle)
    kitchen: width 52,5 cm, depth 72,5 cm, height 41,5 cm

    tunnel with heavy load drawer: about 70 kg
    kitchen: about 35 kg

    poplar plywood with CPL-coating

    Tunnel with heavy load drawer:
    • 250kg softclose drawers
    • drawer equipped with double automatic return stop
    all drawers secured by push-lock fasteners

    Sink on top:
    • two washing-up bowls included in delivery
    • pump with 13 litre water tank (ready for plug-in; working with power supply from car battery)
    • possibility to store washing-up utensils (washing-up liquid, sponge, etc.) or a shower hose system below the removable washing-up bowl


    • equipped with portable gas stove gas including cartridges
    • wind break for stove
    • if desired available with grill top (accessory)



    • "Dometic CoolFreeze CFX 28" compressor cool box, 28 litre, 12 / 240 volt

    Storage drawers:

    • storage room for food, pots, pans, crockery, etc.
    • 40 kg softclose drawers
    • including anti slipping mats

    What or Where is Arco?

    Arco is the gateway town to the famous Garder Lakes in Italy - much loved for water sports, paragliding, cycling and nearby winter sports.