Caddy SleepSystem - Single

Caddy SleepSystem - Single

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Caddy SleepSystem Single 72 x 188 cm Multiplex board


  • Caddy SleepSystem (stand alone)
  • Comfort Mattress

Absolutely perfect for your active summer holiday with your bike, surf board, canoe or climbing equipment. Do you need loading space for bulky equipment but you also don´t want to miss a good sleep?

With the VanEssa single bed for your Caddy you still have enough storage space for your extras. Below the bed there is also enough space for storage boxes. Another advantage is that you may linger inside a small van comfortably if it rains or is cold.

Optionally to the rear board you can choose our VanEssa V3 rear kitchen module. The back seats may also remain inside the Caddy.

An extension to a double bed is optionally available and can be added anytime.  

In just a few seconds you can transform your van into a very comfortable place to sleep - using our very comfortable Comfort Mattress.

The bed surface can be used by one person with ease. With the single bed there is still enough room for a bike, surfboard, toilet, etc.

The sleeping module has a stable construction and its installation only takes a few twists. The vehicle does not need a fixed mounting or complex interior finishings. At home you just disassemble your SleepSystem and put it into the garage.  This way your van remains an everyday vehicle that can be transformed into a camper as required.