Multivan V1 Rear Kitchen Module with Fridge

Multivan V1 Rear Kitchen Module with Fridge

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VanEssa Mobilcamping V1 Kitchen with 35L Fridge for Volkswagen T5/T6 Multivan Short Wheel Base /Long Wheel Base

VanEssa mobilcamping is Germany's leading manufacturer of lightweight modular camping cabinetry for Volkswagen vans. 

The mobile VanEssa kitchen system is simply lifted into the boot of the Multivan and affixed to the original Multivan seat rail system with 2 T-Bolts (included).

The kitchen pod is the exact height of the Multivan rear-bench 'Triple seat' when the seat is placed into the flat position. This means the kitchen and seat combine to make a full-width double bed when using our optional 3-fold mattress Deluxe Comfort Mattress.

Mounting hardware (T-Bolts x 2) and accessories like two washing-up bowls, anti slipping mats for the drawers, cutlery bin, cooker and two gas cartridges & 35L Fridge/Freezer are included in delivery.

length 120.5cm, depth 58.5cm, height 53cm
59 kg
poplar plywood with CPL-coating
Standard decor:
silver-grey (mini-pearl surface)
Further decors:

anthracite, wood design "swiss", wood design "bulli" (available mid-2019) (please select in dropdown)

Rinsing drawer:
  • two washing-up bowls included in delivery
  • 12V submersible pump system with 16 ltr. water tank (ready for plug-in; working with power supply from car battery or auxilliary)
  • 30kg weight capacity soft-close drawer (sink can still be used when luggage is stored on top of the kitchen)
  • drawer equipped with automatic return stop
  • possibility to store washing-up utensils (washing-up liquid, sponge, etc.) or a showering top below the removable washing-up bowl 

 Cutlery drawer:

  • storage room for cutlery, spices, etc. (cutlery tray is included)

 Cooker drawer:

  • equipped with "Bright Spark" portable gas stove (removable; no gas acceptance test required) including 2 cartridges
  • 30kg weight capacity soft-close drawer
  • drawer equipped with double return stop
  • wind break for "Bright Spark" stove
  • if desired available with grilling top (accessory)

Fridge drawer:

  • INCLUDES "Dometic-WAECO CoolFreeze CF-35" compressor cool box, 31 litre, 12 volt operation
  • drawer equipped with automatic return stop
  • option: storage insert for alternate use as storage or cool box drawer (VS10)

2 storage drawers:

  • storage room for food, pots, pans, crockery, etc.
  • 40kg weight capacity soft-close drawers
  • drawers equipped with manual return stop on the side
  • anti-slip mats included


  • Deluxe Comfort Mattress for Multivan 
    • Folding Mattress
    • Dual Layer Foams
    • Bottom layer 6.5cm hard foam to even out seat irregularities / seat belts
    • Top-layer premium memory foam
    • Both foams totally covered in 'fleece' for extra comfort
    • Cover in high-quality black material to match the Multivan
    • Tapers at rear to ensure fits on kitchen top between taillights
    • Width 143cm x Length 189cm