Multivan Interior Kitchen Module

Multivan Interior Kitchen Module "Oslo" with Fridge

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Full Interior Kitchen unit ideal for cold climate touring. Placed behind the Driver's Seat and ideal in combination with a passenger swivel seat.


  • 16 litre Fresh Water Tank
  • 16 litre Grey Water Tank
  • 12V Pump
  • AGA Approved Gas Cooker
  • Dometic Compressor Fridge/Freezer

The VanEssa Mobilcamping Oslo Interior Kitchen Pod has a sink, a gas cooker and a 35 Litre Compressor Fridge/Freezer.

The kitchen is perfectly suitable for our sportive customers who are in need of more storage space to load long objects (surfboards, snowboard, kite...)

Behind the module closet you still have room for a large bed. It can be used in combination with a VanEssa sleep system and a swivel seat in the passenger seat.

Even when your bed is set up, all functions of the module stay maintained, all drawers, fridge (alternatively camping toilet) are accessible. 

Fridge and pump system work with just one 12V-plug, which would be placed behind the driver´s seat. The spacious table areas allow up to four persons to sit, eat, play or use the laptop comfortably.

The kitchen module also contains a waste water tank and a fresh water tank, a fixed foldable table, splash protection and a blind for the tanks. You can perfectly use the foldable table for your laptop or as table for a meal. When folded on top is serves as cover / working surface.


NOTE: Available in Anthracite (Dark Grey) only