Surfer Bed Single with Double Bed Extension

Surfer Bed Single with Double Bed Extension

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  • Single bed with Comfort Mattress 77cm x 189cm x 10cm
  • Double bed extension Comfort Mattress 72cm x 189cm x 10cm
  • 1 bed can be retracted and single seat set up
  • Full load through capacity.  56cm high - will clear sears (folded)
  • For T5, T6 Volkswagen Multivan 

Our sleeping system single seats can be used flexibly in your Bulli. Regardless if you have one or two or no single seats in the vehicle - the bed is suitable for every situation.
Due to the variable slideability of the boards you can leave one bed built up while you can use the other side for seating.

In just a few minutes you can transform the passenger room of your van into a very comfortable place to sleep - using a cushy mattress that is made of excellent quality materials, you will be satisfied for a long time with it. You can easily use a fitted sheet for easy cleaning. The bed surface can be used by two persons with ease.

The sleeping module has a stable construction and its installation only takes a few twists. The vehicle does not need a fixed mounting or complex interior finishings - you do not have to change anything at your car. At home you just disassemble your sleeping system and put it into the garage or another shelter. This way your van remains an everyday vehicle that can be transformed into a camper as required.

While you are driving the sleeping system can be put into the boot and you can use your single seats without restrictions. Alternatively you may leave one side built up and use it for a little nap.

The sleeping system is being delivered in a way that you only have to fix it to the original rail system in your vehicle. The sleeping system is also available as addition to the rear kitchen.

Total bed area:
approx. 143-149 cm (depending on choice of mattress), length 189 cm