Transporter SWB SleepSystem with rear 3-seat

Transporter SWB SleepSystem with rear 3-seat

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  • T5 / T6 SWB Transporter / Caravelle with triple rear seat

The sleeping system is stored in the boot space-savingly and cleverly. To build up the bed the bench and the sleeping board are just being unfolded and the bed is ready for use. A big advantage of this bed variant is that the original bench can be used both for passenger transportation and for a homey stay inside the van. The passenger room stays vacant - in case of rainy or cold weather you can put a table inside and still have enough space to sit around it.

The storage room is well spaced: below the rear board as well as under the sleeping system and the bench is enough room for it.

In just a few minutes you can transform the passenger room of your van into a very comfortable place to sleep - using a cushy mattress that is made of excellent quality materials, you will be satisfied for a long time with it. You can easily use a fitted sheet for easy cleaning. The bed surface can be used by two persons with ease.

The sleeping module has a stable construction and its installation only takes a few twists. The vehicle does not need a fixed mounting or complex interior finishings.You do not have to change anything at your car.  At home you just disassemble your sleeping system and put it into the garage or another shelter. This way your van remains an everyday vehicle that can be transformed into a camper as required.

While you are driving the sleeping system can be put into the boot and you can use all of your seats without restrictions.

The sleeping system is being delivered in a way that you only have to fix it to the mounting points in your vehicle. It is also available in addition to our rear kitchen system.