VanEssa Rear Board For VW T5/T6 Multivan

VanEssa Rear Board For VW T5/T6 Multivan

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Multiflex Board for T5/T6 

Mattress sold separately

The Multiflex Board for the Mutlivan quickly creates an even surface in combination with the triple-bench seat.

Add to this the Deluxe Mattress and a very comfortable bed is created. The Mutliflex Board is shaped especially to the rear interior lining of the Multivan and to be the same height as the rear seat when flat.  The package comes in 2 T-pieces for mounting to the Mutlivan Seat Rail system.

Measurements for Short Wheel Base (SWB):
width 137 cm
depth 58.5 cm
 (long wheelbase: 91 cm)
height 53 cm (adapted for the upper edge of the unfolded rear bench)
clearance height (50.5 cm)
Measurements for Long Wheel Base (LWB):
53cm (H) x 137cm (W) 91cm (D)

Material sleeping board:
poplar plywood with CPL coating silver

Weight: 13 kg
 / 18 kg for long wheelbase

Scope of supply:
  • foldable rear board
  • all mounting parts included in delivery (example: 2 T-screws)


  • Deluxe Comfort Mattress for Multivan 
    • Folding Mattress
    • Dual Layer Foams
    • Bottom layer 6.5cm hard foam to even out seat irregularities / seat belts
    • Top-layer premium memory foam
    • Both foams totally covered in 'fleece' for extra comfort
    • Cover in high-quality black material to match the Multivan
    • Tapers at rear to ensure fits on kitchen top between taillights
    • Width 143cm x Length 189cm

Deluxe Mattress for Volkswagen Multivan