Shower Attachment - hand held with on/off lever

Shower Attachment - hand held with on/off lever

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Hand held Shower attachment with on/off lever.

The showering attachment can be directly screwed onto the water tab of the rear VanEssa Mobilcamping kitchen with an adapter.

To use the shower you can easily hold it with your hand or hang it with a strap on the boot lid.

Indulge youself with a refreshing shower after swimming in the sea or sporting activities. Suitable for the water tap in the sink of Vanessa Mobilcamping kitchens.

Length of hose: 150 cm

shower head: chromalized plastic, with start-stop lever, connection 1/2"
tube: stainless steel
Components: hand shower crome shower hose crome adapter ring for attachment to the water tap of the kitchen sealing rings