Deluxe Dual Layer Memory Mattress - 3-piece Visco-Comfort - T5, T6

Deluxe Dual Layer Memory Mattress - 3-piece Visco-Comfort - T5, T6

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188cm (L) x143cm (W) x 10cm (H)

    • Ultra high quality, specially designed Comfort Mattress for Multivan
    • Visco-memory on top, firm base, covered in matching Mutlivan black upholstery
    • Folds into 3 to make it 30cm high when folded which remains below the height of the seat


    The comfortable 3-part two-layer mattress with seat cover fabric adapts itself perfectly to your body contours and compensates the unevenness of the bench. It is to be unfolded over the bed area (rear board or kitchen + folded bench or sleeping board) and provides the basis for a bed that can be easily used by two people.

    Our high-quality mattress is made of very good materials for long-term use. You can easily use a fitted sheet which can be folded together with the mattress - for easy cleaning after use.

    The top layer adapts to the body heat and body contours, which ensures an excellent point elasticity and thus a very good comfortable sleep.

    While you are driving the mattress can be folded and stored on top of the rear board or kitchen in the boot. The high-quality 10 cm mattress is closed with zippers. The three foldable parts of the mattress are connected to one another by washable cover fabric.



    width approx.143 cm (adjusted to vehicle lining in the back approx. 135 cm) 
    length approx. 189 cm
    height 10 cm

    Weight: 12 kg

    Material: viscoelastic foam - cold foam covered with fleece (ÖkoTex Standard) high-quality black automotive fabric 3-part with seat cover fabric black / anthracite washable with zippers.