Multivan Kitchen System

The VanEssa Mobilcamping Multilane Kitchen System allows you to transform your daily driver into a camper for weekends.  The Module can easily be removed (in a few minutes) so that you can again use your van as a daily driver. The Kitchen System / Module includes a fridge, sink and water as well as space for dishes, cutlery, pots and pans and some food.

To choose the right kitchen for you:

V1 kitchen (height 53 cm) suitable in combination with original Multivan/Beach 3-seater bench
V1 high kitchen (height 56 cm) suitable in combination with bed for sportsmen, surfer, biker bed or single seats bed
V1 low kitchen (height 42,5 cm)  suitable if no seats are used in the passenger room, sleeping system in comfortable seat level,  however less storage room below bed available    


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