Interior Module - 3 drawer, bench, vanity, table

Interior Module - 3 drawer, bench, vanity, table

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Interior Module for VW Multivan T5, T6 with 3 Drawers, Slide Out Bench, Vanity and Folding Table.

The Interior storage module gives you the space to store your clothes and toiletries in an organized and tidy way.  This module is installed behind the front seat of the your multilane, leaving enough room for your double bed.  It is suitable to be used with the VanEssa SleepSystem. A swivel seat can also be added (optional) to the front passenger seat to complete the picture.  Like the other Vanessa Modules, the Interior Module can be mounted and easily removed so your multilane can transform from a camper back into your daily driver in minutes.  The module is mounted into the seat rails of your van so no additional mounting point are required.  

The top (detachable) module (vanity) included in this package includes a mirror and small box type shelf for your toiletries.  There is plenty of space in the main cupboard for storage of your clothes or other items.

The bottom main section consists of 3 drawers.  The large bottom one can optionally be changed into a drawer for a portable toilet.

This package includes a fold out table which can be used for your laptop or even for you to have your dinner.

The slide out bench (between the drawers) also offers extra bench space which proves very handy.